Project Baron

Project Poseidon‎

100 godina potonuća parobroda Baron Gautsch

Project title:
„100 years since the steamboat Baron Gautsch sinking“

Abreviated project title:
„100 years of Baron“

Project organisers:
Association of diving centres „Altum Mare“

Manifestation duration:

Project partners:

Diving centers:
Hippocampus, Indie, Lamkra, Mediterraneum Mare Sport, Puffer, Puntižela, Starfish, Scuba Valdaliso, Diving Pula.

Short project description:
It is “Altum Mare” to launch/host the mark out of the 100 years anniv ersary of the steamboat “Baron Gautsch” sinking. Implementing various cultural, tourist - recreational, audiovisual and educational activities throughout this whole manifestation, Altum Mare strives to depict Croatia as one of the world’s best scuba - diving destination.

Project activities:
Project advertisement, Cultural manifestations (exhibitions), Memorial diving,Diving Festival „Bijeli Lav“(White Lion),2014.

Project objectives:
To commemorate the first victims of World War I, Active conservation of the steamboat shipwreck “Baron Gautsch”, Promotion of Istrian and Croatian scuba - diving tourism (as a form of active holiday), Promotion of Croatian cultural heritage, Creation and sales of diving packages

Expected achievement:
Set Croatia to become one of world’s best scuba - diving destinations